Meet Industry 4.0: KAIZEN + 4i Platform

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Companies should adopt new technology to support their people and their processes. This is motivated by te opportunity to achieve real goals according to necessity, not just because it is the latest trend.

The human beings are the ones that must make the decisions and solve the problems, but technology can help fasteing the process by delivering accurate technical and managerial data free of mistakes.

Our IoT 4i Platform provides real time data collection and data analytics so we can support lean manufacturing and amplify Kaizen.

With simple sensors our system can monitor the condition and alert maintenance with data analysis long before breakdown occurs. We provide tools that reduce stop times through our ELT app. In this way, you increase productivity and reduce cost of production.

4i Platform technology does not replace people, it enhances them. People at the company and their ability to use this data, sense reality and think creatively is key to keep solving issues and improve performance.

Technology can multiply kaizen. Processes will be faster and better than manually.

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