The future of data analytics for manufacturing is here!

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Digital technologies are reshaping the manufacturing landscape as we know it. New skills are needed in a world of smart products, and success highly depends on the company’s ability to adapt to the current times.

loT 4i Platforms are designed to help reduce cost and times of production. Furthermore, they aid in converting data into information to make better choices at the plant floor. The 4i Platform also provides added safety, scalability, and usability.

Easily convert data gathered into valuable information with these five easy steps:


Understanding Global Spending on IIOT Platforms

Global spending on llot Platforms for manufacturing is predicted to grow to a whopping %124 from 2018 to 2024.

IIot Platforms are replacing MES and related applications, such as:

Maintenance Management

Manufacturers are most relying on industrial loT platforms for general process optimization, visualization internal broadcasting and dashboards, maintenance through asset tracking and energy management.

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